Side hung door
The most popular solution that will work great for every interior design.

The Visio system for hidden doors allows you to obtain the effect of perfect alignment of the door with the wall. This allows the use of special, hidden hinges. If the door is painted the color of the wall, we will get the effect of continuity of the wall and door in the room. We are offering door frames for the left or right side-hung doors, which can open in either direction. The Visio pivot door system is based on a universal aluminum frame equipped with elements facilitating precise assembly, powder painted, matching all mortise hinges available on the market. There is a possibility of using a door frame with an upper beam or without an upper beam (when the door is mounted to the ceiling).

Minimalist effect of invisible doors

Maximum weight of door leaf: 100 kg

Filling: board 40 mm 50mm

Advantages of Visio 50 system for hidden door:

  • high stability and rigidity of the structure due to special profiles
  • reinforced corners of the internal angle brackets protect the structure at the angular connections
  • wide range of system application up to 3 m of height and 1.2 m of door leaf width with a load of up to 100 kg
  • thanks to special frame profiles, the system works with most hinges available on the market
  • the universal frame allows the system to be used for both drywall and masonry walls
  • the possibility of painting the frame with the use of the wall paints thanks to the initial coating with white primer paint
  • unique profile design avoids the airbag effect
  • a specially designed gap allows masking with glass or veneer, which enhances the aesthetics of the finish
  • designed space to the angular mesh prevents walls from cracking at the joints with the profile
  • no need for additional washers due to special ribs that support each hinge