Loft Idea
Loft Idea sliding door system was created to join the best qualities of systems Loft and Aero. By combining lightness and modernity with functional and simple mounting we have made and IDEAl system. The mentioned advantages give your interior and extraordinary look in a "soft loft" version.

Loft Idea sliding door system is an interesting solution for people who seek original and impressive solutions in their interiors. The industrial style upper rail gives the door a raw character and the invisible hardware assure an effect of door sliding in the air. Loft Idea is dedicated for building passage door between rooms. The regulation system ensures proper fitting, even in the case of unideal mounting or uneven floors or walls.

Thickness of mounting: 18 - 50 mm

Weight capacity: 100 kg

Regulation: 12 mm

Advantages of the Loft Idea sliding door system:

  • no need to mill the door for the hardware
  • two variants: regulated (12mm) or not regulated
  • bumpers and soft-closers ensuring the safe use and quiet work of the system
  • mounting of door in the upper rail and invisible hardwares – the impression of door hanging in the air
  • rails and handles in black industrial color – subtle elements in loft style
  • small distance between the door and the wall (23 mm)