Twin Wall Glass
Twin Wall Glass is a system allowing the building of sliding door and glass facades. The elements of the system are made in an industrial, raw style, reffering to loft style. All is complemented by color and light rugged structure of profiles and handles.

Twin Wall Glass system for sliding door is a response for current trends in interior decoration. The combination of loft character with possibility of using glass as a filling is a solution for creating a unique living or office space. The slide of the door leaf does not limit the space, as in the case of side open door, the glass enables more light into the room, that one wants to separate or close. The regulation gives certainty of proper fitting of the system to uneven walls or floors.

Universality of the system allows the usage of different fillings, i.e. 4/6 mm glass, 2 x 4 mm glass (optionall 10 mm board)

Weight capacity: 40 kg

Possibility of regulation after mounting

Advantages of sliding glass door system Twin Wall Glass:

  • height adjustment  7 mm,
  • reliable and quiet work thanks to usage of SLX hardware and K-032 rail,
  • filling with glass sheet 4/6 mm (with U10 seal), two 4mm glass sheets (bilateral) or 10mm furniture plate,
  • safety and comfort of usage thanks to usage of the softcloser,
  • optically larger space and more light in the interior thanks to usage of glass,
  • possibility of using one or two sliding door leaves,
  • two colors to choose from: black industrial and white industrial,
  • rail cover in the color of the system
  • unlimited decorational possibilities owing to ornamental muntins, and several glass finishings (transparent, milky, colored, mirror, etc.) or furniture plate

Examples of decoration with flat profiles as muntin: