Visio Glass
Hidden door will fit perfectly in every interior in a house or an apartment. They will highlight the modern design and invigorate calm, classic interiors. Thanks to them you will discover a new interior decoration every time. The VISIO system gives the effect of one surface created by the wall and the door owing to special hidden hinges. We encourage you to see our offer for glass door.
Visio 40 Visio 50 Visio Glass

VISIO GLASS system is an elegant and discreet solution, that gives more light to your interior and optically enlarge the room. VISIO GLASS 40 complements the line of hidden door VISIO allowing to keep the character of the arragement.

Minimalistic effect of invisible door

Maximal weight capacity: 50kg or 70kg (depending on quantity of hinges)

Filling: glass 40 mm

Advantages of Visio Glass:

  • high stability and rigidity of the system owing to the special profiles
  • special contruction of profiles allows to avoid the airbag effect
  • specially designed gap enables covering with glass or veneer, what increases the aesthetics and the minimalistic effect of invisible door
  • more light in the interior