The Loft system for the sliding door was inspired by the aesthetics of industrial and country interiors. The exposed mechanical details of the system were made with the utmost care. To emphasize the character, they were painted in black, matte color, which gives the interior an industrial feel.

The Loft system for the sliding door responds to the latest trends when it comes to interior design. It gives each space a unique and individual character. Designed as a system for doors between rooms, in particular for the dining room, living room, or office. Lifting load capacity up to 100 kg per door leaf gives an impressive choice of door filling from boards and planks to natural wood with thickness from 18 up to 45 mm. It is a system that is easy to install. There is a possibility of installing a self-closer and a matching-pattern handle. It comes in two versions: without adjustment and with adjustment. The adjustment system ensures that the system is adjusted correctly, even when the installation is not perfect, or the walls and floors are uneven.

Thickness of filling: 16-22 mm, 25-32 mm, 36-45 mm

Lifting load capacity: 100 kg

Type of filling: board